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Grant Heights Aerial View 28 Oct 54
With House Numbers and Important Buildings Identified.

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Has to be big to read the house numbers)

Photo furnished by Brian Killen, Class of 1961

GH Gate Ballpark Theater Housing Housing
1. Gate Entrance to
Grant Heights
2. Grant Heights as
seen from the
Softball field.
3. Grant Heights
looking toward
the Theatre.
4. From the picture
GH looks like
"slum housing".
4. House my Parents
and I lived in..

Candid Shots 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Grant Heights taken by Walt Young, Class of 1953

Entrance PX theater
5. Entering into the Grant
Heights Area
6. The Post Exchange
7. The Theater

Chapel                 Pool
8. Grant Heights Chapel.                 9. Swimming Pool

Thanks to Jim Carpenter who was in the US Army in Tokyo 1956-57 for allowing us to use his color pictures

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