....A server just for Narimasu High School folks. By subscribing we can all be on one server and eliminate all the multi-addressed messages.  The primary purpose will be to provide General Information for everyone, such as the Reunions, whether for all years or perhaps certain year groups or regional get togethers, finding or telling of found classmates.

It can also be used when you change Email addresses, you can notify everyone at the same time and not send out dozens of messages.

Once you join, then you only have to use one address:
narimasu-hs@yahoogroups.com    and the message will go to everyone on the List who has subscribed. Now over 150 alumni from all years.

This Server will be ONLY for those who attended Narimasu High School, any year. So join up NOW and be in touch with the Narimasu Alumni.

Format: Entering names can be tricky. Enter your First and Last name.  When entering info, we suggest the following:

If using a Nickname then use " " for it such as Joe "Woody" Doe.
Ladies, we suggest First Name (Maiden Name) Last Name for better identification.  The brackets ( ) will note it is maiden name.
Everyone can add your school year after your Last name such as Walt Young '53 or Jane (Doe) Jones '53.

You can obtain a Yahoo ID, and can pick your own password.  Later you can change your Information or Profile by going to "My Account" and to "My Preferences" any time you wish, but especially if you have a change in Email address.

Of course, we prefer you fill out the Profile so we'll know who you are. Most may not want to give all of their Personal Info, but perhaps First (maiden) Last name, Sr class year, city, state. Email addresses only makes it hard for group members to identify you. This is a closed group so non Alumni cannot see the information.

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